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10 Most Poplular Computer Programming Languages 2018

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Hello and welcome to our new article on 10 most popular computer programming languages 2018. Before this article, we also share an article on Top 20 Most In-Demand Programming Languages 2017.

Here in this article, you will learn about top 10 programming languages, which is most popular around the world in 2018.

The survey was conducted by Stackoverflow

Every year Stackoverflow conduct a survey, where they ask from thousands of programmer’s a simple question. This year in 2018, they ask over 100,000 developers, how they learn, build their careers, what job they want and which tools they are using.

As a result, they got some facts. If you look at the Picture below:

10 Most Poplular Computer Programming Languages 2018

  • JavaScript is on the top of the list. This place is maintained by JavaScript for 5 years and so. No doubt JavaScript is among the fastest growing language compared to others. More programmers are taking interest over here.
  • SQL is second in the list. SQL stands for Structure Query Language and is used for the database. It is the most popular language for databases.
  • Java loses its popularity, but still, it is third on the list. Java is no doubt one of the most used programming language in the past and it's still popular in the current scenario.
  • Python, C#, and PHP are fourth, fifth and sixth respectively on the table. Unlike other language PHP losing its popularity very fastly. Python, which was behind PHP in the past is now gaining popularity and is 5th in the list now. On the other hand, C# remain stable and still in the fifth place.
  • C++ and C, Computer programming language is still in the game. C++ and C gained the position 7th and 8th in the contest.
  • On the list, Typescript is on 9th and Ruby is at number 10th.

The survey is conducted by StackOverflow. Source of the survey is: Developer Survey Results

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  3. search engine optimation friend wants to learn C as his first programming language. How do I convince him that C is a dying language and that JavaScript is the way to go?

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