A Simple way to decrease Copy and increase Bounce Rate 1

A Simple way to decrease Copy and increase Bounce Rate

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Targeting keywords and placing them increasingly in content is a common characteristic of SEO marketing. Ninety-five percent of digital marketers tend to concentrate on concepts such as TF (Term Frequency): IDF (Inverse Document Frequency) and LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing). This phenomenon obviously increases the probabilities of hitting the valid ratio on a proportionate basis including target keywords. This prevailing notion of SEO marketing is somewhat getting biased in the contemporary times owing to the increasing bounce rate amongst them. Repeatedly hitting the right keywords often bores the readers and subsequently infringes the rules of high-quality copy. The methods, which are needed to be undertaken while content creation is discussed below:

  • Understanding readers: Digital marketers are so engrossed in generating leads that they most often ignore the fact relating to readers’ reading habits. There is a common trend to incorporate stylistic choices in SEO much to the preference of SEO marketers. More often, this preference is not aligned with readers’ preferences and subsequently distracts them from reading the content of further pages. Moreover, digital marketers must not include the following while generating content:
    1. Texting language like LOL and also BTW is a big no-no, and work as the turnoff for most readers,
    2. Content marketers must avoid slang phrases that make non-college people cringe,
    3. The sentence beginning like “You Should” must be avoided as marketers cannot force people to engage in something they dislike,
    4. All sorts of conversational quirks should be avoided,
    5. Profanity in language should be avoided at all costs and even if it is there, it must be purely on one’s discretion.
  • Stop being a Sheep: It is necessary from the part of SEO marketers to scan content on a rigorous basis and put an end to those statements, which are increasingly being used in the competitive sphere. Deleting common statements, which promotes a company’s ‘brand identity’ will generate authenticity in human minds and this will increasingly help an organization to stand apart from its fellow competitors while reducing bounce rate.


  • Don’t annoy or confuse readers: SEO marketers must not write anything in content that is sensitive and is bound to annoy readers. Moreover, it is also necessary to avoid confusing phrases as this will inculcate a feeling of doubt in readers’ minds. Digital marketers must take into concern the following aspects while generating content:
    1. Do not copy anything that deviates from the intended point,
    2. Include anecdotes in a coherent note as the story will support the argument in all terms and it will be interesting for any reader to engage in a content fused with anecdotes,
    3. Avoid over-explaining as it will deviate readers’ attention,
    4. Descriptions of photos must be unique in all sense. Avoid dwindling readers’ attention by applying body copy while explaining an image,
    5. Avoid using space fillers as this will make content very effortless.
  • Learn the basics: SEO marketers must avoid detention-worthy offenses while marketing their products and services. Some of these offenses are addressed below:
    1. Avoid using exaggerated words as this is extremely bad and will be a waste of readers’ time,
    2. Sprinkling excess punctuation marks to generate readers’ attention is not en-vogue anymore,
    3. Words ending with ‘ing’ must be minimized in all sense,
    4. Indiscriminate and unnecessary use of spaces also dashes look out-of-date in content,
    5. Avoid using wasteful words, which can be put into a single word. It can save readers’ time while gaining their attention without getting them bored.


It is necessary that SEO marketers have to keep readers increasingly engaged in the content. If the readers tend to bounce from the landing page itself, it will affect the company’s ranking. Digital marketers have to inculcate the aforesaid steps in content-creation as it will decrease copy while improving bounce rate in absolute terms.




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