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Angular-4 Series from Beginning to Advance

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Angular-4 Series from Beginning to Advance

Hello and welcome to our new series on Angular-4 JavaScript Framework. Angular is a javascript framework written in TypeScript for Single and Reactive page applications. It is a front end, open source framework mainly maintained by Google. The framework used for creating and developing cross-platform mobile supportive applications. Hence, it is called a single page reactive apps.

Initially, the framework was released on 20th October 2010. The framework working under MIT Licence and the official website for it is angular.io.

History of Angular 4:

Angular was initially started by Misko Hevery, who was a developer at Google in 2008. Adam Abrons, who was a friend of Misko Hevery give a name to this project as Angular. Consequently, Misko Hevery and Adam Abrons, considered as an inventor of Angular.

Firstly, it was so hard for Misko, that what actually it is. So he explained it to people like it is a spreadsheet in a cloud, where we can bind data and save it without worrying about the security issues and User Interface will be in HTML.

While, at that point Manager of Misko at Google, whose name is Brad Green, told him to work on a Google internal project named Google Feedback tool.

So for this purpose, two other developers with Misko wrote around 17,000 lines of code in six months of time period. Later it became so difficult to manage the code and to test them. To sum-up one label in HTML, you have to write code in Java and compile it and then transform it into HTML JavaScript to show it in a web browser.

However, Misko challenged Brad Green, that he can write the whole thing in 2 weeks by using his part-time project Angular. Unfortunately, he lost the challenge but completed it in 3 weeks instead of 2. Due to this the line of code reduced to around 1,500 lines within 3 weeks time.

Brad Green impressed with the work he did and ask him to continue work on Angular. Then after Misko combines with Ignor Minor and Shyam Seshadri, shipped Good Feedback Tool with AngularJS.


That’s all we have in this series. Please read all the content along with Angular-4 video tutorials. Take a quiz at the end of each lesson. And the last thing which I need to mention is Practice. Hence, Practice can make a man perfect. Without practice, you can’t do anything. Therefore, my advise to you is just Practice! Practice! And Practice!

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