Domain Ranking Factors for search engines 2

Domain Ranking Factors for search engines

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You might already know that Google uses hundreds of factors in their algorithms to fetch the best result for their users. But do you know what the heck are they? No! So let’s read the article to best know top Domain Ranking Factors for search engines that affect Google search engine ranking.

  1. Domain Age

Yes! Domain age is one of the factor that affect ranking on Google. Of course, one year old domain is more worthy than the one 6 months old. In other words, I’ll say Domain age matter, but it's not very important.

  1. Keyword in Domain Name

Domain with a targeted keyword has more competitive edge over a Domain, who has no keyword in their domain. Of course, Google will rank those whom they believe is really the one user searching for. So try to include a word in Domain name that belongs to your niche.

According to Moz’s, Keyword appearing in the domain can Boost Search Ranking

  1. Domain length

One of the factor to rank high is the Domain length. Domain length is not as important as the other factors are, but it is one of the reason to rank high on search engines.

Memorization of Short Domain Name is easy than Long one

  1. Domain history

Website with several drops or volatile ownership may “reset” the website’s history, negating URLs pointing to the domain. In some cases, a penalized domain name may carry penalty over to the new owner.

  1. Country TLD extension

Top Level Domain with a country particular extension like (.pk, .us, .in, .uk) can be helpful for website ranking in a specific country.

Particular country extension may limit the ability of rank website Globally

  1. EMD

Full form Exact Match Domain (EMD) is a technique to rank high on search engine with other similar domain names. But now this technique not gonna work, as Google update their algorithm to overcome this loophole.


If you are looking forward for long and successful business on the internet, where you are expecting to gain million’s of visitors from online search engines, then you need to consider all the factors that might affect your online business domain. Here we consider some of them, which you should need to consider if you wanna stay in the race.

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