Facebook users is trolled by the word BFF

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Facebook users is trolled by the word BFF

Facebook users if trolled by the word BFF

Facebook users is trolled by the word BFF, as some people on Facebook spread the fake rumors by posting comments like:

“ Mark Zuckerberg, The CEO of Facebook, invented the word BFF, to make sure that your account is safe on Facebook, Type BFF in the comment, if it appears green, it means that your account is safe and if it doesn’t then change your password immediately, because it maybe hacked.”

The Facebook, Green BFF Security Test from Hackers Is totally Fake News,

As you along with most other people are watching different posts on Facebook spreading the news, if you want to check your account is safe from hacker FACEBOOK has released a word called BFF which after writing in the comment box turns Green if your account is safe from an unauthentic hacker, otherwise change your pass immediately. According to Facebook, this is totally fake news. Yes, you are reading true.  

As this is a fake news and rumors is spreading too fast. Facebook along with Google both are trying to overcome fake news. Earlier Facebook clear that, this is the feature released by Facebook called, “TEXT DELIGHT”.  When the  text called BFF is written in the comment section it turns bold and green. This doesn’t mean that the user account is safe from hackers or it is hijacked, as this is a Fake News.  Moreover, when you post comment BFF, it also creates an animation including two animated hands giving high-five. This feature is only available in latest updated application of FB or latest updated browser, which support HTML5. In case you don’t have the latest version of browser then you will not be able to see the text delight feature.

According to Gadgetsnow.com, they contacted the official of Facebook and their statement is as follow:

We also contacted Facebook on the same issue. In an official Facebook statement give to Gadgets Now, the company said, “A meme is currently making the rounds claiming that typing ‘BFF’ in the comments box will secure a person’s Facebook account. This is False News. Entering ‘BFF’ will simply activate a Text Effect animation showing two animation showing two hands coming together.”

The popular Social media network Facebook, is in lot of trouble right now. The company is dealing with one of the major data breaches of all time. As a result, both Google and Facebook are also fighting a lot against the growing rumors of privacy concerns and fake news. Both tech giants are alerting the law agencies against the growing prominence of such rumors.

Some other features is also a part of Facebook like XOX, Congratulations etc. In future Facebook is also planning to release some more text features for great user experience.

The World “BFF” Actually Means “Best Friends Forever”

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