What is the Difference between SQL and NoSQL

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What is the Difference between SQL and NoSQL

Here in this article of PodinaTutorials, we are going to talk about what is the difference between SQL and NoSQL, or you can take it as SQL vs NoSQL.

Both are completely different concept. Below we are going to explain it in detail for better understanding.


SQL also called Structured Query Language is a database language for storing, accessing, and retrieving data from a database. SQL stores data and information in the form of data tables.

i.e. SQL works on the concept of RDBMS. RDBMS stands for Relational Database Management System. Here we use queries or commands through which we create, retrieve, update or delete data from a database.

These queries are standardized to migrate the project easily from one system to another one in case if needed.

For example:

The SELECT command or query is used to select a unique record from the database table. It can be used to select only those record which we needed. The selected record are then stored in the result-set and action (if essential) is perform on that records.

Similarly, many other commands are also available with the SQL which make us communicate with our database very easily, through which we can handle our database.

Structured Query Language (SQL) is used to build complex databases which have the capability of handling large data in a structured format.

Some SQL databases available in the market are:

  • MsSQL
  • Oracle
  • PostfreSQL
  • Sqlite etc.

What is the Difference between SQL and NoSQL


NoSQL is a different concept from SQL, as the name suggest NoSQL. This is a completely opposite concept to SQL, in which all the features are reversed.

NoSQL is a Non-Relational Database Management System, which is used for developing databases for small companies with low budget and small amount of data. NoSQL has greater flexibility than Structured Query Language (SQL). NoSQL stores data in the form of charts, graphs objects ad offers a space for new data entries to be facilitated easily in the database despite their uniqueness.

The problem with these kind of database is its flexibility as a misguiding features when it comes to migrating such system to another system.

Another problem is lack of standardization of the database query or command format. This is the problem need attention in order to popularize NoSQL. NoSQL also need a documentation rich community for problem solving and easy and to the points tutorials is needed to guide new developers to the advantage of new and emerging technology.

Some SQL databases available in the market are:

  • BigTable
  • RavenDB
  • MongoDB
  • Cassandra
  • Redis etc

Difference between NoSQL vs SQL in table format


NoSQL is a Non-Relational Database

SQL is RDBMS (Relational Database Management System)
NoSQL databases have dynamic schema SQL Database requires a schema and the data to store in the database is according to that schema
NoSQL has Non-Standardized commands to retrieve data SQL used standardized SQL query
NoSQL stores the data in the form of Documents, objects, and graphs etc. SQL stores data in the form of tables
NoSQL can be used if the data in amount is small and the company has fewer resources. SQL database can only be used when the amount of data is large and the company accommodates the price.

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