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Why is CTR (Click through rate) Not a Ranking Factor?

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The question is: Why is CTR (Click through rate) Not a Ranking Factor? CTR is an important KPI (Key Performance Indicator) for evaluating digital content. The CTR is a measure of the click behavior of the user and serves the evaluation of content.

As part of the reception metrics, it provides insight into the user's interest and interest in headlines, widgets, and ads. The CTR is a user-relevant factor and makes it possible to identify weak points in the user response and to optimize them in a targeted manner.

What exactly is the CTR?

The CTR (Click Through Rate), is the percentage of clicks or ratio of clicks obtained versus the times an announcement or a search result has been shown in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

To see it more clearly, let's give an example: if for a specific query in the search engine, the link of your company has been shown in the SERP 100 times and 5 users have clicked on it, your CTR will be 5%.

Google SERP

The CTR can be calculated by dividing the number of users who clicked on a link by the number of impressions shown in the Google SERP, expressed as a percentage.

When a query is made in an Internet search engine, it aims to identify those documents and/or items such as articles and news that respond better to the queries and needs of users. In addition, it tries to present these results to the users in the most useful way possible in the SERP.

Google is based on two indications to present the results:

  • The% CTR. The higher the CTR, the better the result will be presented.
  • The number of reliable links that a website has to other reference websites. In this way, the website that links to other reference websites gains credibility.

Google has the hypothesis that if the author of a website feels that another website is relevant enough to link it, then users could also find the same website particularly relevant. In short, website authors vote on the importance of other sites and, in turn, this also makes the websites of these authors and places in the search results.

To the question of the title, why CTR is probably not a ranking factor?

Today, Google is no longer based on clicks for the ranking, since some people are dedicated to inducing noise in clicks, buying people and robots to click specifically on a link and thus increase the importance of your website and the CTR. For this reason, it is not good to use this type of clicks for the ranking, since the CTR is too easy to manipulate.

In addition, CTR will not start counting the number of clicks made on a specific link until a certain threshold has been reached in a specific period of time. For example, the CTR will not increase until the 500 clicks in 2 weeks have been reached.

On the other hand, there are other factors that can influence the ranking of results, such as the title and description Meta tags, which influence the selection of users when clicking on one result or another. Also, penalties for the new Panda 4.2 update, domain age, etc effect on google ranking factors.

Thus, these are the practical reasons why CTR is (Probably) not a ranking factor.



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